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ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator



Title: ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator

Work Location: Glenelg Shire - Home-based

Employment Type: Casual (12 hours per week - 0.3 EFT)

Salary: $36.65 /hr

Position Reports to: The Farmer's Place RSS Coordinator



To provide support, information and practical assistance in the implementation of the ResourceSmart Schools [RSS] program within the Glenelg Shire. This includes promoting and recruiting new schools to register with the program, and supporting existing and new RSS schools in their journey to embed sustainability in their operations and in tracking their school’s progress.


Promote and support the ResourceSmart Schools Program

  • Within the Glenelg Shire, promote and recruit inactive and new schools to register and become a ResourceSmart School.

  • Support existing schools (active/registered) and new schools through the ResourceSmart Schools program.

  • Develop case studies and learning stories from advanced schools to assist and promote to other schools.

Facilitation of the ResourceSmart Schools Program

  • Ensure schools have:

    • Support in achieving sustainable outcomes in their curriculum, campus, culture and community;​

    • Access to resources that will help them build sustainability and climate change action into learning, curriculum and into school operations; and, 

    • A clear understanding of the ResourceSmart Schools framework and what is required to complete modules and start. 

  • Access to professional development and connection to networks that will assist them to improve sustainability outcomes in their school. 

  • Design, coordinate and lead Progress Workshops for participating schools.

  • Develop and present professional development programs at schools and/or online.

  • Provide facilitation and assistance to registered schools in their undertaking and working through the ResourceSmart Schools Modules: Core, Biodiversity, Energy, Waste and Water.

  • Provide practical assistance where required, including conducting waste, energy, biodiversity and water audits.

  • Assist schools in hosting activities, events and workshops relating to the program.

  • Provide information regarding grant opportunities in their region.

  • Research and/or develop information, tools and resources to assist schools in their RSS journey.


Assist schools in utilising the Online Data System

  • Assist schools in utilising the ResourceSmart Schools 'Online Data System' which supports module data collection and monitor progress in schools. 

  • Encourage schools to maintain their annual data, including school information, contacts, MOU and billing information.

  • Encourage schools with solar/wind energy generation to create a billing account to collect generation data.

Networking and Reporting

  • Encourage networking and mentoring between schools.

  • Work with and periodically report to The Farmer’s Place ResourceSmart Schools Coordinator on the activities of schools in the Glenelg Shire.

  • Liaise with RSS consortium partners to establish and undertake initiatives and activities.

  • Liaise, communicate and develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders in respect to environmental sustainability and the ResourceSmart Schools program. For instance, connecting schools to organisations that can assist them in the procurement of solar energy, waste management , sustainable infrastructure, and to increase biodiversity, and assist schools to link these improvements to the RSS program.



The ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator is accountable for:

  • Providing reports / updates to The Farmer’s Place ResourceSmart Schools coordinator;

  • The effectiveness of initiatives, projects and activities within the parameters of the position;

  • Supporting school employees, parents and students to progress through the ResourceSmart Schools program;

  • Increasing levels of participation in ResourceSmart Schools within
    Glenelg Shire; and,

  • Facilitation of the minimum number of active schools in designated area – to assist with Barwon South West Region’s target of ‘Active’ schools.


The ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator is required to exercise a high level of professional judgement in making decisions or advising the Coordinator, and other stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Making recommendations regarding ResourceSmart Schools program;

  • Interpret and implement policy and legislation;

  • Effective and efficient use of resources and activities developed and used to support the ResourceSmart Schools program as well as the performance of ongoing initiatives and activities against targets, desired outcomes and milestones;

  • The performance of ongoing programs and activities against targets, desired outcomes and milestones.


The ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator is required to possess the following knowledge and skills: 

  • Knowledge of environmental sustainability, natural resource management and planning policy processes;

  • Ability to translate complex issues and concepts into practical and appropriate responses to achieve desired outcomes;

  • Information technology skills including the use of Microsoft Office Suite
    (particularly Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), and an adaptableness in working with new operating systems and programs;

  • An understanding of environmental education principles and methods;

  • An understanding of professional development principles and processes for educators;

  • An appreciation of effective strategies for school and community based education, information and communications;

  • Well-developed skills in the planning, implementation and management of programs and projects;

  • Highly developed communications and interpersonal skills, including skills in written and oral expression, advocacy, promotion, consultation and negotiation;

  • The capacity to motivate stakeholders, and build a shared commitment to reduce the use of resources; and,

  • A flexible and adaptable approach to program development and delivery.

In addition, the ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator must be committed to:

  • Building and maintaining personal contacts and networks;

  • A team-based, collaborative and consultative approach to work; and,

  • Safe working practices at all times.


  • Tertiary qualifications in natural resource or environmental management, environmental science, education, or the social or behavioural sciences; or equivalent experience;

  • Highly developed communications and interpersonal skills, including skills in written and oral expression, advocacy, promotion, consultation and negotiation;

  • Experience in the application of community education principles and methods, or the planning of community or environmental education projects, or marketing and business development;

  • Experience in being a self-starter;

  • Experience in program or project implementation in local government, the environmental management sector, industry, business or a related area;

  • Information technology skills including the use of Microsoft Office Suite
    (particularly Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), and an adaptableness in working with new operating systems and programs;

  • A current Working With Children Check, a current driver’s licence and vehicle, and a laptop.

Applicants must address the selection criteria and include a recent resume.

Please email your application to by 5.00pm Wednesday 10th March, 2021. 
Enquiries: Naarah Calvert |

The Farmer’s Place values equal opportunity, fairness and enjoys a diverse and inclusive workforce. Applications are encouraged from people with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, and people of all other cultural backgrounds. 

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