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Education for Sustainability


We are currently working on restoring the land at the farm and revamping the space. Due to this, we are NOT running any education programs at The Farmer's Place for the 2021 June/July holidays or throughout Term 3. We look forward to welcoming schools back soon. Watch this space!

At The Farmer’s Place we are passionate about sustainability. We create an environment where people can engage with the food cycle, and see us propagating seeds, growing produce in the garden, cooking with seasonal local produce, and composting our food waste to return nutrients to the soil.


We believe experiencing this in person is the best way to share this passion and instil a greater understanding of sustainability – from little things big things grow…


Our Education Program promotes environmental awareness and sustainable living through facilitation, inspiration, community engagement, hands-on experience and curiosity.

School, community and social groups of any age are welcome, and programs can be tailored for different interests and skill levels. For school groups, all lesson plans are linked to the Victorian Curriculum.


'The Farmer's Place delivered an important lesson about the problem with our food system today, in an informative, inclusive and interactive way.  The students walked away from the program with full belly's and a genuine interest in the issues discussed in the '100km Pizza' lesson. The Farmer's Place is a living and beautiful example of how small changes can make big differences.  Thanks to James and his crew for the program and the delicious food.'

Meagan Butler

Outdoor Recreation Department, Holmesglen​ TAFE


'The Farmer's Place education program was an excellent addition to the Year 9 Emmaus College Hospitality Camp. The students thoroughly enjoyed James' informative lesson on food miles. It has made students more aware and also question where their food comes from. The kitchen garden was blooming with an abundant of fresh herbs and vegetables that we got to taste. Not to mention the delicious gourmet pizza's that the students cooked!'

Rhonda Bowers

Emmaus College



'The Farmer’s Place is the whole package! A great example of total holistic sustainability whereby there are no barriers to engagement. A terrific example of a business that has incorporated good sustainable design from the onset.'

Banksia Foundation Judges.



'Our Year 3's really enjoyed The Farmer's Place experience... I even received an email from a parent saying how their child had come home talking about every detail and really consolidated the connection to the unit. This was so great to hear as usually excursions take place and that is the end of that!!'

Kay Arnold

Kardinia International College



'The kids had a ball and all the parents who came were super impressed with the organisation and the way the kids were engaged. Thanks for making it such a great day for us.'


Clairvaux College, Geelong

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