40 acres of closed loop food production

Growing food is just one element of what we do on our farm. As a closed loop system, we recycle all our organic waste back into our paddocks. That's why we call it a paddock-to-plate-to-paddock café. We practice chemical-free production and all our animals are free range.


What we don't grow right here we buy from local suppliers. Our network of local farmers is the heart of our community, and we aim to reconnect people with where their food comes from. 


Whether you visit us for lunch, dinner, a learning workshop or a special event, we invite you to wander through the vegetable gardens and around the farm.

Our Animals

Our farm is home to chickens, roosters, turkeys, cows and calves, alpacas, sheep, lambs and goats. Animal feeding experiences can be booked upon request or as part of our education program. 

Our Garden

Visitors can wander through the kitchen vegetable garden and explore our seasonal produce. There is plenty of space for kids to run, play and explore. Throughout 2018 our large market garden and greenhouse will be taking shape behind our cafe.

675 Anglesea Road, Freshwater Creek VIC 3216

Cheryl O'Kane - ResourceSmart Schools Coordinator

cheryl@thefarmersplace.com.au | 0499 333 093