The Café

Choosing local, seasonal and responsibly farmed foods is one way to reduce our impact on our environment. This is the philosophy our menu is built on. 

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We grow as much produce on site as possible and it is not uncommon to see our chef's picking food from the garden. What we can't grow on site, we source locally, reducing the associated food miles. Our menu is dictated by the seasons ensuring we make the most of what is abundant at the time. All food scraps are diverted from landfill and used to feed our poultry and composted in our onsite Closed Loop organic machine.


The Farmer’s Place is a unique paddock to plate to paddock operation showcasing sustainability and the best local produce the region has to offer.

The Farmer’s Place demonstrates sustainable business, food and farming practices, promotes and supports local food production and enables people to reconnect with their food and where it comes from. We are passionate about the environment and adopting a ‘waste not, want not’ approach to life.

We offer a daily selection of seasonal specials. See inside our café for details.

675 Anglesea Road, Freshwater Creek VIC 3216

Cheryl O'Kane - ResourceSmart Schools Coordinator | 0499 333 093