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School Holiday Activities / Private Bookings

The Farmer's Place is passionate about sustainability and creating an environment where people can engage with the food cycle - propagating seeds, growing produce in the garden, cooking with seasonal & local produce and composting waste to return nutrients to the soil. What better way to learn about this, than experiencing it first hand as apart of The Farmer's Place - School Holiday Programs. 

Every school holidays, The Farmer's Place have a full school holiday program, which is an extension of their education program. All activities will be run by their education team, will be educational and based around sustainability. Sessions are always fun, interactive and hands on for all participants. 


Below is an overview of some of the activities we offer. Schedules will be available here on our website and once released anyone is free to book through the links.

Suited for 0 – 5 Years of Age                                                                                                                                                                    

Story Time

Come and join The Farmer's Place Story Time. We will read a story which focuses on an environmental theme. If it's a warm day, we'll be out in the garden on a picnic rug (we will have some rugs, but would love some more).  ​We will finish off with an activity which relates to the book of the day  - it could be some colouring in, a song, a dance, an activity or all of the above! While books will be suited to ages 2-5, all are welcome – children under the age of 5 must be supervised by an adult.



Suited for 1 + Years of Age                                                                                                                                                                          

Animal Feeding

Learn about the animals we have on the farm and help feed them.  We will visit all of the animals and get to meet them up close and personal.  We will meet, in the garden.  Suitable for all ages – children under the age of 5 must be supervised by an adult.

$10.00 per child


Mud-pies and Dirt-cakes

The name says it all.  This activity is all about soil, but for the younger gardeners.  We will look at worms, catch some worms, have a worm Olympics and then dig some holes, and of course fill them water!  Lots of mud-pies and dirt-cakes to be made.  All children will need to wear old clothes ready for dirty action! Suitable for all ages – children under the age of 5 must be supervised by an adult.

$10.00 per child



Suited for 5+ Years of Age                                                                                                                                                     

Paddock to Porridge

Come learn, cook and eat! This interactive session is all about the food cycle and journey of oats to porridge!   We will be looking at the usual journey of oats to your breakfast bowl.  Everyone will then get to roll their own oats and cook them with our staff.   Even better, you will get to enjoy a bowl of deliciousness at the end with your own choice of toppings. Breakfast included.

$15.00 per child


Scones Galore

Who doesn’t love a good scone!? In this session, you will get to learn how to make your own scones – plain, savoury and fruit!  You will not only walk away with belly full of scones, but you will get to take away a recipe so you can make them at home too!

$15.00 per child


Damper Making

Pretty much scone making, but bush style! In this session, you will get to learn how to make real damper. Made outside under a gumtree and cooked on a campfire. Served with your favourite condiments and a hot chocolate, also prepared on the fire. Win win!

$15.00 per child


The Worm Farmer

Become a Farmer in an hour!... A worm Farmer!  We will be looking into usual household waste and working out the alternatives.  Learn about the different types of composting and help make a worm farm that you can then replicate at home.

$10.00 per child


Scarecrow Making
As the name suggests, you get to help make a Scarecrow for The Farmer’s Place garden. Pretty straight forward, but a whole lot of fun!

$10.00 per child


Veggie Gardener

From little things big things grow - from seed; to seedling; to plant; to fruit; to plate.   Come and help us propagate seeds and plant seedlings into the garden.  You’ll get to make you’re own wicking pot, which you can take home with you and watch as it grows.

$12.00 per child


DIY Kokedama

Koka what?   Kokedama, which literally means ‘moss ball’ in Japanese, are a type of bonsai that not only look amazing, but are also great fun to make.   Come and learn how to make them in this hour long session.  You’ll not only get the knowledge and know how… but you’ll also get to keep you moss ball!  This is a hands on activity and you will guaranteed get your hands dirty, so please dress appropriately.

$15.00 per child


Suited for 7+ Years of Age                                                                                                                                                     

The Poultry Farmer

You will get to meet our chooks and turkeys up close and personal.  Not to mention getting to work with them, feed them and learn with them. Be sure to wear old clothes and boots as you will be doing real farm work in this activity! Afterwards, you will get to enjoy an egg from our chooks, on toast – cooked just the way you like it! Breakfast included.

$18.00 per child



Sour what!? Sauerkraut! We will be looking at this delicious fermented food and working out why it is so good for us.  We will also be teaching you how to make your own at home.  Not to mention getting to keep your own jar and recipe too!

$15.00 per child


Cook From Our Garden

We’ll start by walking through our garden and working out what is growing and then what we can cook… It will be something seasonal and as local as it comes – more than likely served with a side salad, from the garden too. Lunch will be included and you’ll get to a recipe home with you too!

$18.00 per child


Bees-wax Wraps

How can you reduce your waste and use of single use packaging? Make bees-wax wraps! With us! In this session, each participant will learn the affects that single use packaging is having on our environment. Everyone will then learn how to make your very own bees-wax wraps. Even better, everyone will get to take 2 home with them! No plastic, fantastic!

$18.00 per child


When life gives you lemons…

You make a range of amazing treats… Lemonade, Lemon Slice… to name a few, come learn and eat about the amazing things you can make from this versatile fruit.

$16.00 per child


Freshwater Creek Bushwalk

Join us for a bushwalk around the Freshwater Creek area.  We will be stepping back into time and taking a look at this history of the area.  From farming, to early European settlement to Indigenous culture and use of the land.  You will get to see a Scar Tree up close and personal and you’ll even get the chance to hear a didgeridoo being played. 

$15.00 per child


Tree Planting / Wetland Development
Participants will help develop our dam into a wetland. This will include planting an array of native and endemic trees, grasses and reeds. This session will cover importance of natural habitat and water quality.

$15.00 per child


Most activities will be based outside – so check the weather beforehand.  Please dress appropriately and wear closed toed shoes. Sun hats, sunscreen will be appropriate some days and warm clothes, raincoats, and gumboots will be on others, so be prepared! The weather can change quickly. 

- A minimum charge of 10 participants applies for all group bookings

- Group bookings are required to pay a 25% deposit upon confirmation of booking

- No refund within 24 hrs of the activity

- Refunds will be granted if event is cancelled on our behalf​

- Activities may be subject to cancellation on extreme weather days (35C and above, or Extreme/Code Red fire days)

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